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A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch


Dustless Green Technology

Dustless hardwood floor sanding in Chicago and Wilmette


We Use Top Quality Products

Flawless hardwood floor refinishing in Chicago and suburbs.


Stairs & Railing
Art Plus Craft

Professional stairs and railing installations based on design that you have in mind.


Personal styles to match your home.

Custom hardwood flooring  installations through all Chicagoland


Screen & Recoat
Don't Abuse Your Floors!

The difference between refinishing or restoring hardwood floors and screening and recoating them is quite simple if you ask the right professional.


Re-Done Better Than The Original

Custom hardwoodfloor staining to match your style.


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Unique Hardwood Flooring Wilmette is one of the best companies in the Wilmette area to consider hiring for all your flooring needs. From installation to sanding, staining, screening and coating and even building or restoring stairs and railings, we, at Hardwood Flooring Wilmette are a hands on company with years of experience, trained staff and last generation equipment. Our commitment is a 100% satisfaction for all our clients, no matter the size or the purpose of the job we receive.


Let the Wilmette dustless sanding experts do the hard floor refinishing.


When it comes to sanding your floors, you should let our professional team to handle all the work for you. You may know how to use a sander and maybe you’ve even used one before, but doing more harm than good to the floors during sanding it’s just a matter of seconds. So if you are thinking about refreshing your hardwood floors by applying a new finish, you first need to take sanding into consideration. This is the first step of the restoration process. During sanding, the old finish is removed and the floor is sanded down to natural wood in order to repair eventual scratches or grooves before moving forward.


Depending on your needs, a professional hardwood worker will determine which method is best to sand your hardwood floors: a commercial grade floor sander finishes the job faster and easier while a hand-held drum sander allows more control in the sanding process. Either way, improper usage of a commercial grade floor sander or of a hand-held drum sander can cause severe damage to the floor, that's why it's important to always hire a serious professional.

Refinishing a hardwood floor costs roughly the same as purchasing a good quality rug or carpet needed to cover the floor. In fact, if you do it yourself, you might significantly cut down on costs, get rid of the hazards that a hard to clean carpet poses to you, and, most importantly, enjoy the hardwood flooring you have always envied in your friends' or relatives' houses.


Leaders in Stairs and Railing Systems Unique Hardwood Flooring Wilmette

Installing and maintaining hardwood stairs and railings is closer to being an art than a craft. You not only have to be aware of your options and what to keep in mind when planning for your staircase but you also need to know how to avoid planning mistakes that may compromise your desired design.

In fact, the design of your stair will affect your railing layout options. The stair must be built to facilitate the railing layout/design you have in mind.  They don't have to be built at the same time but they have to be planned with each other in mind.


Hardwood Floor Staining and Re-Finishing Services in Wilmette


Staining Floors In Wilmette

Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Wilmette



Staining is an important part of the installation/restoration process. A beautiful, durable finish depends on a proper quality staining and sealing of the hardwood floors. This also helps the floor stay in shape for years and give you peace of mind that your floor will not need restauration any time soon.

We at Hardwood Flooring Wilmette had the trained team and proper equipment to handle all staining jobs efficiently. Instead of doing it by yourself, you can make sure everything will be perfect by hiring us to take care of your floors for you.

Hardwood floor experts offer complete services


At Unique Hardwood Flooring Wilmette we are proud in offering a wide range of hardwood flooring services that include not only the services mentioned above, but also screening and coating, restoration or applying base shoe profiles.


No matter what kind of service you need for your hardwood flooring, Unique Hardwood Flooring Wilmette is the place you’ll get quality work, done in the shortest amount of time, by experts in the field, and with latest generation equipment, for a 100% customer satisfaction.


Unique Hardwood Flooring Wilmette  is:

  • Family Owned Business
  • Bonded & Insurred
  • State Licensed & Professional
  • Passionate & Creative
  • Property Manager Approved Contractor
  • Condo Association Aprroved Contractor
  • High Rise Approved Contractor
  • Realtor Approved Contractor
  • Home Owner Association Aprproved Contractor
  • Residential Approved Contractor
  • A GREEN Hardwood Flooring Company


 Here are some photos of our STAIRS & RAILINGS. For more photos please visit our GALLERY

hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_01 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_01
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_02 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_02
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_03 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_03
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_04 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_04
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_05 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_05
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_06 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_06
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_07 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_07
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_08 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_08
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_09 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_09
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_10 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_10
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_11 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_11
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_12 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_12
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_13 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_13
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_14 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_14
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_15 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_15
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_16 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_16
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_17 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_17
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_18 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_18
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_19 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_19
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_20 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_20
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_21 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_21
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_22 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_22
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_23 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_23
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_24 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_24
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_25 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_25
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_26 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_26
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_27 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_27
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_28 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_28
hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_29 hardwood-flooring-chicago-stairs_29



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